2D – Free NFt:

CrazyApez are the hottest new collectibles, bringing the most popular collections to the physical world! Collect the nfts and receive the physical collectible as well!

We have partnered up with a BAYC collector to bring collectibles and amazing art right to you in the form of hot new collectible items, that double as lottery tickets, so you can win huge cash prizes!

There sure are! Buyers will benefit from winning randomly generated huge prizes along with going into a daily lottery every day!

Referrers will earn huge returns simply by recommending friends and family to buy and collect CrazyApez themselves

It sure is! We’ve partnered up with a huge collector and player in the BAYC field and they’ve helped us build our empire of physical and digital collectibles.

Invite friends, family, grandma’s and pretty much anyone you want to buy these amazing figurines and earn heaps, better still, if the people you invited also invite other buyers, you make money from them as well!

Each day a lottery is drawn to win from percentage of the profits made from the collection, where anyone can win! The more apes and the rarer they are, the higher your chances are of winning, so get collecting!

They will be minted in waves, don’t worry, we “should” have enough for everyone, but don’t wait too long!

The rarer they are, the higher the percieved value is, right? Well that’s not it, the higher the rarity, the more entries you get into the lottery, so you have a much higher chance of winning!!!

Sure! Input your wallet details into our Crazy DApp and start referring and you’ll be earning in no time!

Sure! But if you want those physical collectibles, you may want to hold onto them for a bit, and you will miss out on the lottery if you sell!

All around the world! Doesn’t matter where you are, you can become a collector!

Ooooh you have a mighty keen eye! Yes! They’re part of the exclusive CrazyMeta range! Same awesome team, different series.

When you buy one you get:

– The digital NFT itself

– Lottery tickets based on the rarity of the ape

– A chance to win money instantly upon purchasing

– An actual physical random collectible Ape!

Before minting please review our Terms and Conditions

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